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Interpretations - Major Arcana


The Wheel of Fortune stands for the good and bad luck that alternate with each other and all the opportunities brought to us through this constant change of fate. Whatever the situation now, positive or negative, remember that the wheel never stands still. It turns and turns and brings us both pleasant and unpleasant surprises, both good and bad luck. Everything is tied to the same wheel. 


General Meaning

When you get the Wheel of Fortune in a spread, be prepared for some pleasant surprise or turn of fate. This surprise will often come in the guise of opportunity or change. If you are engaged in a dispute, be prepared to re-negotiate, more favorably this time. Transport, travel, house moves and relocation are all favored the Wheel. Also, luck is on your side. Be open to change. The wheel continues to spin and what brings your way will improve your life immensely. There's only one risk with the Wheel of Fortune: you may foolishly believe that all the blessings it brings will last forever. Enjoy and cherish your good luck while it lasts but avoid arrogance and extremities in all aspects of life.

In negative position

If you get the Wheel of fortune upright in an negative position, it indicates repeated patterns in your life that need to be cleared away. Stop blaming other people for your choices or bad luck. Take on the responsibility of bringing positive change in your life. 


When the Wheel of Fortune appears reversed, it stands as a warning of bad luck coming your way. There will be delays, cancellations and negative encounters with old foes. You may feel stranded, frustrated, unlucky and vulnerable. You are on the downside of the wheel. Reconciliation is difficult after a fight and all business negotiations are not in your favor. Change sought is slow or negative. Travel is postponed or canceled. Try not to lose your temper or courage. You need to wait. The big Wheel of Fortune never ceases to turn. The situation will soon change. Be patient and accept the idea that you can't be the controlling force of all developments. 


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