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Interpretations - Major Arcana

Το Άρμα


This grandiose card with the charioteer dominating its illustration, is a card of power and assertiveness. The charioteer is decisive, has a steady hand and  handles the chariot with precise and disciplined moves. He holds the reigns and enjoys the responsibility. This is a card of success and triumph. But the charioteer is never spared a battle. 

General Meaning

The charioteer stands for strong will and there's something we must always remember when this card appears: nothing is ever achieved without persistence, focus and a lot of hard work. The Chariot indicates difficult battles, problems, obstacles and opposition. But if you manage to summon up all your courage, self-control, discipline and endurance, your victory will be grater than you can now imagine. If your courage, strength or self-esteem fail, be prepared for a merciless battle. The Chariot is a card which is associated with healthy ego. Believe in yourself and plan wisely. 

The second meaning of the Chariot is that there are very powerful yet disruptive tendencies in your life. Things may be difficult to combine or harness and you may feel that you are driven to two opposite directions at the same time. If you feel that one thing excludes the other, you must consider your options carefully. The charioteer has managed to harness two sphinxes of opposite colours to his Chariot. The symbolism of black and white indicates that if you have a "steady hand" you can drive your life where you want by making opposite forces work in your favour. You may need to become a little more assertive in order to gain back the control of your life. Don't hesitate to stand up and defend your choices and wishes. Still, it is essential to bear in mind that a successful leader knows not only when to advance but also when to withdraw. Some compromises may be necessary but make sure nobody meddles with your values. What is more, the harnessing of the black and white sphinx stands for the need for balance. You need to impose some rules on yourself, as well. Use your power but don't be impulsive. You need to strike a balance between your feelings and your practical needs. 
The Chariot also usually indicates travel, movement and fast advancement. It can also indicate the arrival of an important person or important news from far away. In love affairs, the Chariot can stand for a new lover and strong sexual drive. In business matters, the Chariot indicates you should look for a partner who can help and support your plans. Look around you. There must be a decisive person to show you the way. 

In a negative position

When the Chariot appears upright in an negative position, it usually indicates that there is a very powerful and assertive opponent in your way. The best way to deal with him is to be his ally. Don't fight him or he will humiliate you. Don't try to cheat him, either. His response will be harsher than you can imagine. In general, this is not a person to be underestimated. 

Sometimes, the Chariot upright in a negative position may also indicate that you still haven't found a way of taking charge of your own affairs. Your selfishness is blinding you. You thrust yourself in the battlefield without method or plan. You need to calm down. It is important to re-evaluate what you' re after and why. Next, you need to show self-discipline and work hard. You must remember that persistence is a good thing; obstinacy is not. 


When the Chariot appears reversed, it is obvious that you have lost control of your affairs. You may feel vulnerable or defeated. If this is the case, you need to reflect on whether you have exercised too much control. If not, is there a person around you who's preventing you from advancing in your life? Perhaps it's time to stand up to such influences. 

The Chariot reversed often indicates derailment in life. If you're faced with frustration, failure or downfall, you need to fall back on your emotional reserves: be patient, enduring, reserved. This is not a good time to make new beginnings. Avoid being vindictive and cruel. Anger is not going to help you deal with losses. Don't be aggressive or critical with others. Now is the time for diligent planning, even though positive results won't be immediately obvious. You may also need to harness the negative aspects of your own personailty if you want to be successul.

Travel is not favored when the Chariot appears reversed. Re-uniting with a lover or partner should also be avoided. Co-operation is not encouraged, you'd better rely on your own strength. The Chariot reversed can also be an indication of a rival in work or love. Finally, if a new person is coming into your life at this time, don't hasten to commit. All that glitters is not gold. 



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