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Interpretations - Minor Arcana - Pentacles

On the illustration of the Nine of Pentacles we can see a woman walking in a blooming garden. From her posture and expression, we can conclude that she feels satisfaction for what she has achieved but she may feel lonely at times.

General meaning

When the Nine of Pentacles
appears in a spread, it usually indicates the successful completion of an effort or project related to money and material security. Your success fills you with confidence and you can finally enjoy the fruit of your efforts.

In questions concerning personal relationships, however, the Nine of Pentacles may indicate that despite the fact that you have conquered financial security, you feel you stand on an emotionally unstable ground. Do seek what is missing from your life, especially now that you seem to have no practical problems.

In negative position

If the Nine of Pentacles appears upright in a negative position, it may mean that your perpetual quest of material security has cut you off from other sources of joy. Try to reconnect with what makes you happy. 


the Nine of Pentacles appears reversed, it usually a warning that your financial security is threatened, either by others or by your reckless behaviour. Challenges are on the way. Be prepared, cautious and practical. 



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