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Άνοιγμα με 2 φύλλα

Two-card spreads can offer some very interesting answers, especially if you choose to represent opposing forces. For example, you may choose one of the following sets: 

Need to change
Need to keep

My strength
My weakness


Feel free to choose any set of words that best describes your question but don't try to extract a yes-or-no answer. This spread can provide you with valuable food for thought. 

Sample Reading

Question: Some colleagues are becoming really antagonistic. How can I prevail / stand out?

My strength My weakness
alt alt

Answer: The Wheel of Fortune is the card of change and luck and it stands for the eternal change between positive and negative feelings or situations. In this position, it indicates that your strength consists of your risky nature and your ability to discern and grasp opportunities, fast and successfully. You can rely on your flexibility, quick reflex and your gift to negotiate. Five of Cups, on the other hand, symbolizes your fixedness on absence rather than presence. Take a minute to observe the figure on the card: he mourns for the cups that are knocked over but ignores the two cups left standing. This means that you tend to focus on the negative side of a situation or person instead of the positive. You need to show self-confidence and open up to change.

In general, the situation at work seems to be fluctuating (the presence of the Wheel indicates movement) and nothing can be taken for granted. You must keep in mind that nothing lasts forever, no matter how good or bad it is. Try to take a pore positive stand towards others and concentrate on what is useful and compensative.