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The Tetraktys spread, which displays clear connections to the Pythagorean theory of numbers, is a very powerful spread, featuring positions indicating forces that operate creatively or destructively in our lives. Thus, the information we can obtain from this spread is invaluable for our self-awareness and our path in life.


 The Tetraktys spread is not suitable for fast, daily readings. It is preferable to be used as a tool of thought and reflection in order to understand in depth how we act and react. Do not be too quick to draw conclusions when you perform this spread. Write your answers down on a piece of paper, read the cards' interpretations and give yourself time to understand the messages emerging from the combination of cards. Tetraktys is the perfect spread to help you build a better and healthier self.

The positions in the spread Tetraktys are as follows:


1. Current situation
3. Darkness 
2. Light
6. Destroyer     
5. Conservator
4. Creator
10. Earth
9. Water
8. Air
7. Fire

The first position is the key card of the spread and it offers the general tone of the reading.

The positions in the second row indicate external influences caused by the Querant's actions.

The positions in the third row are advisory and represent the forces the Querant needs to tame and use in order to improve his life.

The positions in the fourth row symbolize the four elements of nature, according to Pythagoras and they provide information about each aspect of the Querant's life. 

Position 1: Current situation. This card is the key issue of the spread.

Position 2: The card of light. It refers to the positive energy in the Querant's life. It can indicate what motivates, inspires and guides the Querant. This position is positive and reveals not only the Querant's intentions but also how these are returned to the Querant by the world and people around him.

Position 3: The card of Darkness. It refers to the negative energy in the Querant's life. It is a position that reveals the obstacles and difficulties that come from the Querant's environment and from the flow of events.

Position 4: The Creator. This card refers to the creative forces that need to be incorporated and used by the Querant in order to improve his life. It symbolizes what needs to be born, to be created by the Querant himself in order to achieve progress.

Position 5: The Conservator. This position refers to the forces of maintenance. It symbolizes what we need to keep, preserve and protect as it is in our lives because it functions positively even if we don't notice.

Position 6: The Destroyer. This position refers to subversive forces, symbolizing what should be "destroyed", what definitely needs to change in our lives in order to move forward.

Position 7: Fire. The element of fire symbolizes creation, expansion, ambition and willpower. This position clarifies desires and shows how we can achieve progress in these areas.

Position 8: Air. The element of air symbolizes the imaginary world, out mindset, perceptions and strategies we follow in order to achieve what we want. This position represents our beliefs and attitudes and can indicate which of these are useful and which are harmful.

Position 9: Water. The element of Water symbolizes the Querant's emotional life This position indicates not only the emotions but also the way the Querant gets involved with the others. The card is this position may indicate whether the Querant confines himself emotionally and how he can achieve emotional balance.

Position 10: Earth. The element of Earth stands for the physical and material side of life. This position relates to the way we deal with material things. It may indicate the way in which we use our resources and thus give us the opportunity to advance both worldly and spiritually.  

Sample Reading

In this sample reading, there is no question asked as the Tetraktys spread is better used as a tool of deep reflection of all aspects of our lives and personality.
1. Current situation /Two of Swords
3. Darkness / King of Swords
2. Light /  Strength
6. Destroyer/ Seven of Cups 
5. Conservator /  Emperor
4. Creator /  Hermit
10. Earth/ Tower
9. Water / Ten of Wands
8. Air/ Six of Cups
7. Fire/  Fool



The current key issue in your life is your need for balance and reconciliation with people around you but also with yourself. The Two of Swords in the first position symbolizes a temporary truce which gives you the opportunity to find solutions and resolve problematic and painful situations in the best of ways. But look carefully at the woman on the card: she is blindfolded and she's holding two crossed swords over her heart. Are you willing to make compromises and to honestly ignore certain things in order to achieve reconciliation and balance? Are you ready to offer but also admit the truth? Can you handle your conflicting emotions? Have you perhaps agreed to reconciliate too fast and now the balance seems fragile? You need to carefully consider these issues.

Strength in the position of Light indicates that your self-awareness regarding the negative aspects of your character is high. You clearly understand not only what bothers and oppress you, but you also have a good idea how you can hurt or manipulate people. Additionally, you have the ability to impose your opinions and claims by exercising your power. You know that excesses lead nowhere, whereas persistence and effort is the key for success. The courage, strength and honesty you display, are always returned to you. Reflect on the positive side of assertiveness.

The King of Swords in the position of Darkness shows that you often realise that people around you are strict, uncompromising and even violent or dogmatic. They show no intention of collaborating with you. On the contrary, they tend to judge you very strictly when they don't approve of your attitudes or opinions. The best thing to do is to defend yourself while respecting the views of others. Keep your distance if you can't handle criticism or if you think it's just unfair. You don't have to prove anything. Keep in mind that these disagreements are probably not personal. They are most likely to spring from differences in ideas, concepts, personal values and principles. Reflect on the negative side of assertiveness.

What you need to do to improve your life is clarify the deeper objective behind your aspirations and efforts. The Hermit, the card of soul-searching and introspection in the position of the Creator, symbolizes the absolute need to take your distance, to retire and to re-evaluate everything. Yo need peace and quiet in order to rediscover the meaning of your life. Now is the time to reflect on who you really are, what your needs and desires are and whether you are satisfied with what you have or not. You also need to think about the issue of loneliness. What is it that makes you feel so alone or disoriented? Don't be afraid to rediscover your true self. Enjoy your lonesome journey. Let new insights illuminate your life. Look at the Hermit: he's holding a lantern in order to shed some light on his next step. You need to be conscious of what you're doing from now on and why. And remember: the Hermit never returns to the world if he hasn't conquered the knowledge he needs. Reflect on the creative quality of isolation.

The Emperor, a symbol of power, structures and discipline in the Conservator position indicates that the structures that already exist in your life (work, family, social circle etc) function very positively and you need to guard, preserve and protect them. Moreover, these structures were created for a reason, and they still continue to serve your needs. Moreover, don't jeopardize your position of favour with powerful people. Make sure that your benefactors remain on your side. Reflect on the positive quality of maintenance.

The Seven of Cups in the Destroyer position suggests that it's high time you grounded yourself back to reality. What needs to change in your life if you want to achieve progress is your tendency to cultivate illusions about your actual state or about what is happening around you. Do not prettify things! Additionally, you need to realize that you just can't have it all, especially simultaneously. If you are faced with difficult choices and decisions, stop overanalyzing all options. You need to overcome your fear of blowing away a seemingly good potential. Insecurity, indecision and fears are simply holding you back. If you can't choose, quit. Reflect on the positive influence of realism.

In the Fire position symbolizing expansion, creation and aspirations, the Fool indicates that you need to be more open and flexible. Take advantage of any new opportunity that comes your way. Don't be afraid of risk and change. Don't waste your talent and potential out of fear of the unknown. Plunge yourself in your future, don't be so conservative. Your doubts and insecurity concerning the million details of an issue are draining you of all your energy. Reflect on the negative influence of all guarantee in life.

In the Air position symbolizing the imaginary world, perceptions and attitudes, the Six of Cups prompts you to stop thinking about the past and invest your energy in what is happening right now. The children on the card symbolize childhood and our links to the past. Rather than longing for the good old days to come again or scratching any old wounds, you may need to focus more on the present. Moreover, the Six of Cups indicates that you need to show more faith in other people. Open your heart, offer your help and you will happily find out how everything you give is returned. Reflect on the importance and use of each day that passes.

In the Water position symbolizing the emotional world, the Ten of Wands poses some very interesting questions. The man on the card can barely hold his burden. Do you experience your relationships as an obligation that needs to be fulfilled, as a duty you simple have to carry out? Have you perhaps agreed to do all the work by yourself so that you can earn other people's recognition and respect? This card urges you to get rid of all emotional burdens. Speak up, say what you really feel and don't be afraid of disappointing the others. You, too, have your own limits as to what you can and what you should do. Reflect on the concept of obligation, duty, limitation and control.

In the Earth position symbolizing the material side of life, the Tower collapses from a catastrophic bolt. This card usually indicates some unexpected disaster but what you really need to think about is the tower on the card itself. What does it stand for in your life? The tower usually represents structures in our lives, like work, family, property, habits etc. It's the way we live, it's our wall of defense against what seems threatening but it's also the castle from which we attack other people. The Tower stands for our security only this time, it was built on pretty shaky ground, with inappropriate materials. This Tower represents the lies we have been telling ourselves and others in order to establish security. It also indicates ulterior motives, arrogance, excessive fear, denial of our true desires, or exploitation of others. But nothing can last long on such shaky ground. Your Tower is coming down. Particularly, in terms of material possessions, you must think honestly and in depth about the practices you have used in order to get what you wanted. Arrogance, avarice and selfishness destroy your potential success. Be fair. Be humble. You still have time to adjust your practices. Reflect on the very concept of morality and equality.