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Το άνοιγμα πέταλο
The Horseshoe spread consists of seven cards. It is suitable for guidance on a particular problem. Its positions include the best attitude to adopt when dealing with a problem and the role of other people in the situation. 

The positions are as follows:

Position 4: Advice
Position 3: Upcoming events
Position 5: Other people
Position 2: Present
Position  6: Obstacles
Position 1: Past
Position  7: Outcome

As you can see the cards are placed in a semicircular way so as to take the shape of a horseshoe. The positions, in detail, symbolize the following:

Position 1: The Past. It indicates a major past event or influence that has shaped the current situation to a large extent.

Position 2: The present. It indicates how the situation is today. It can provide information on the nature of the Querant's problem.

Position 3: Upcoming events. It indicates what the immediate developments will be, caused by the Querant's attitude.

Position 4: Help. This is an advisory position. It indicates ways in which to tackle the problem.

Position 5: Other people. Their attitude, motives and intentions.

Position 6: Obstacles. This card can reveal a hidden obstacle. It can be an incident, person, attitude or concept.

Position 7: The outcome. Interpret this card combined with all the previous cards.

Sample Reading

QuestionMy boss is getting on my nerves. He's rude, abusive, too demanding. He's always insulting me, even in front of clients and never seems to appreciate my work, effort or personality. I really need this job so I can't quit but the situation has become unbearable. How can I cope?

Position 4: Advice / Eight of Pentacles
Position  3:Upcoming events/
Strength Rx
Position 5: Other people/ Five of Swords
Position 2: Present / Page of Swords Rx
Position 6: Obstacles/Three of Cups
Position 1: Past/ Page of Pentacles Rx
Position  7: Outcome / Magician


In this spread, four out of seven cards are ill-dignified, which suggests that the situation is truly negative and difficult. In the first position, the Page of Pentacles reversed suggests that you searched pretty hard to find this job. You kept getting negative answers during your job hunt which got you tired and depressed. This period of your life, along with financial difficulties you had, plays its own role in the shaping of the current situation.

The Page of Swords reversed in the second position shows that in your work environment there is a sly, sneaky, dishonest and even vindictive person. It is important to keep your eyes open protect yourself. Keep in mind that some people choose to hurt people when they fear that their weaknesses are about to be discovered. Moreover, it is obvious that you are a victim of exploitation at work, but don't bother to look for allies. Protect yourself from gossip, avoid personal confrontation and keep your personal documents and items away from prying eyes.

In the third position, which symbolizes the immediate developments caused by your behavior, the reversed Strength gives you a clear warning: you must, at all costs, avoid losing your self-control. Harness your anger or rage or you run the risk of terrible bursts of unpredictable behaviour. You need to be very careful as physical violence is also indicated with this card. Now it is important to remain calm and sober. Keep away from anyone who seems to be out of control. Fierce fights are in your way. The best thing to do is use your spiritual strength: calmly explain what is bothering you and make sure you are understood. Defend your dignity if you have to but don't cross the line in what you say or do. Stick to your position firmly but don't be aggressive or you will encounter huge opposition.

In the fourth position, which indicates the best way to handle the situation, the Eight of Pentacles, the card of apprenticeship and hard work, indicates a crystal-clear solution: focus on your work and your professional training. Work carefully and with attention to detail in any project or assignment you undertake. Devote time and effort in your work and don't bother with anything or anybody else. In addition, look for seminars or workshops in your field as this is a time of apprenticeship. You should also try to benefit from the knowledge and experience of your superiors. Hard work, commitment and devotion are the only things that will save the day for you.

In the fifth position which reveals the role of other people and their involvement in the problem, the Five of Swords indicates that you are truly experiencing hostility in your workplace. The time has come for you to cut your losses. It's pretty obvious that your boss is the “winner” here, probably because you can't fight him in using sneaky tactics. It doesn't really matter, though. Look at the winner on this card: he's holding on to his opponents' swords and boasting while the defeated choose to abandon the battlefield. This is what you should also do: stop fighting. It may be unfair but the winner isn't always the best person in a situation. Stop fighting and accept that even if you're right, there's still a very good chance your opponent takes you down. But don't let any feelings of incompetence or frailty depress you and don't bother with silly and arrogant comments. Just focus on your work and keep a low profile.

In the sixth position which stands for obstacles, the Three of Cups reversed indicates that things between colleagues are not as nice as you have probably thought at first. There's a lot of gossip, jealousy, words and works behind your back. Don't trust anybody you don't know well and don't discuss your thoughts and feelings at work because you may find yourself in an awkward position. In addition, the Three Cups prompts you to pay more attention to your social life. Stop being so worried about work and don't bother your family with your professional burdens. Try socialising a bit more. Relax, go out, spend an evening with your friends, it will do you good.

The Magician in the final position is a card full of positive potential. You need to collect information about what's happening around you and become more flexible. Use your skills wisely in order to "enchant" others, they are more willing to hear you talk that you think. If you remain focused and determined, use your gifts, knowledge and experience, you will soon see opportunities coming your way. Lastly, you should also consider self-employment when you 're ready as the Magician favours it.