Swords are the most complicated suit of the minor Arcana. One thing we should always have in mind with the Swords is that they are double-edged. This either means that success comes with a price to pay, or that even in pain, there can be gain in knowledge and wisdom. 

Swords are associated with the mind, wit, intelligence, logic, ideas and speech. They are also connected to beliefs, prejudice, aggression, violence and abuse (physical, mental or pcycological). Finally, they indicate the way we communicate and assert our rights. 

Swords show that quite often they way we use or direct our mental powers and our words defines the result. They also stand for logic but in many spreads they wll mock us by showing that over-rationalization will create more problems that it will solve. 

Another important aspect of the Swords is the conquest of truth. Truth is the holy grail of the Swords. It must be found at any cost, not matter how painful the procedure or ugly the reuslt. 

When the Swords are the predominant suit in a spread, they emphasize logic and a feeling of justice. They also indicate strife, loss and aggression. 


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