Demetra Serafimidou - My personal approach to Tarot
Dear friends,
I feel the need to clarify some things for those visiting this website, for those who seek my professional advice and those who are interested in studying the Tarot using the interpretations and examples given in this website.

I use the Tarot as a tool for self-analysis, self-awareness and self-improvement. The divinatory dimensions of Tarot  are limited, for me, to two key principles: the first is summarized in that the answers to our problems lie deep in our souls and they just need a little help to come to the surface. 
The second relates to the law of cause effect, and more specifically to the fact that our behavior, which is nothing but choice, leads to positive or negative results. In my opinion, there is no absolute and inescapable prediction. Nothing is written on stone and nothing can be predicted with the accuracy we would like sometimes. The future is, and hopefully will remain, unknown. This is what gives us the ability to make it as we desire. Think about it: if our future was preordained, why try for anything?

Our problems, biggest fears and insecurities are caused by our anxiety about the future. But it is the past and the present that determine to a great extent most future developments. Of course, there are unexpected events and factors we can't control but our ideas, our concepts, the way we were raised, our current behavior, our demands and our character, pretty much define our attitude and therefore, out future. Here is where the Tarot can help through the use of its symbolic language.

Every person, regardless of their their background, social status or level of education, must be responsible for their own life. This doesn't only imply assuming responsibility for their actions and decisions but it also includes making personal choices, judging what is right and useful for themselves, without blaming others or discriminating between winners and losers, as it so often happens nowadays... All these are issues that often come up in a Tarot reading. The advice you can get from the Tarot is, in my opinion, a lot more valuable, than a "yes or no" answer (which you're anyway always going to get in a reading).

It is true that many people resort to Tarot or other methods of divination when they go through a particularly troubled period and seek some light, so self-analysis is not exaclty their goal. Getting re-assurance and hope can be soothing but Tarot can take us several steps beyond superficial answers and help us build a much better life in general.

Finally, as a footnote, and for legal reasons, I must mention that you must be over 18 to use the services of this website and that the predictions shown here for causes of entrtainment.
Blessings to all!
Demetra Serafimidou 

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