The Love Triangle Spread
Ερωτικό Τρίγωνο The Love Triangle Spread is suitable for those who are involved in a situation where they are not the unique protagonists.... Love (and sometimes lust) can easily make us cross our personal lines in a world where every human being is simply seeking his/her own happiness... When certain situations tend to be complicated and cause doubt, fear, worry and anxiety, this spread can provide valuable information about the central person in the love triangle, especially about his/her feelings and intentions. So, using your intuition, you can have a pretty clear picture of what is REALLY going on, regardless of your own ideas and notions, and thus make the correct decisions for your life.

                                           1   - Central Significator
                    2  alt         alt3
             alt                        alt5
    6       alt                                        alt7
       alt    alt     alt     alt
                       8                            9                                 10                 11

  Central Significator



Negative Factors


Positions and people involved: The person who serves as the central link in the love triangle is chosen as the central significator. Quite often this person is different from the Querent. The cards on the right side of the triangle refer to the central significator's formal, "legitimate" relationship whereas the cards on the left side of the triangle refer to the central Significator's "illegitimate" relationship. For example, if a woman is involved with a married man, then this man is chosen as a central Significator. The cards on the right refer to his wife and the cards on the left refer to the Querant. 

More analytically, the cards in positions 2 and 3 refer to the central Significator's feelings.
The cards in positions 4 and 5 refer to the central Significator's sexual life and the cards in positions 6 and 7 refer to possible problems and obstacles from the central Significator's point of view. Finally, the cards in positions 8 to 11 indicate the outcome of both relationships. 

You should always bear in mind that the Tarot is a useful instrument of analysis and evaluation. nTurn to Tarot for advice but make sure you make your own decisions before you speak or act. Only you are responsible for your life.

Sample Reading

Question: I am 28 years old and I have never been married. During the past 15 months I have been involved with a married man. We work in the same company and try very hard to keep our affair a secret. He says he loves me and wants to be with me openly and but needs some time to "clear things" with his wife (meaning filing for divorce and moving out). I believe him but he's a bit slow in his reactions and he hasn't done much during these past months. Do you think I should wait for him? I really want to get married and start a family but I can't stand all his endless postponements. What do you think will happen?

                                          Position 1 - Central Significator
                    Position 2           Position 3
       Position 4                                Position 5
    Position 6                                               Position 7
        Position 8                              Position 9                          Position 10                    Position 11


The married man is chosen as the central Significator and is represented by the King of Pentacles
The cards in positions 3, 5, 7, 10 and 11 refer to his relationship with his wife while the cards in positions 2, 4, 6, 8 and 9 refer to his relationship with you, the way he sees it.  
In position 2, the Page of Cups indicates his feelings for you: a light breeze of romance has swept him up! He enjoys the playful, teasing, cute side of your relationship and he may have rediscovered the child in him through your love affair. But Pages rarely indicate deeper feelings. You may be a revitalizing force as well as a flattering element in his life but he seems unwilling to take the relationship any step further. Commitment to you is not in his plans. On the other hand, in position 3 which indicates his feelings towards his wife, the King of Cups shows that this man has very deep caring feelings for her. They may be long-time companions sharing a bond you can't understand. This King is not the selfish womaniser. On the contrary, he loves his wife, he cares about her and he is very supportive to whatever she does. Judging from the above, it is very likely that your partner may be rediscovering part of his lost youth, romanticism and vigour through his love affair with you but he doesn't seem willing to change his life in any way. 
In position 4 which indicates the central Significator's sexual life and desire towards you, the Nine of Swords symbolizes that your partner suffers from guilt and confusion. His sexual desire for you is very strong but this doesn't make him happy. In fact, he has sleepless nights trying to find a way out of this mess. He hates himself for cheating on his wife, agonizing over what he should do, feeling trapped, anxious and even desperate. What is more, the Hanged Man appearing in position 5 indicates that his love life with his wife is going through a period of trial. They seem disconnected and they probably don't make love at all. If you think that this card puts you in a winning position, think again: your partner seems disappointed or tired of his love life in his marriage and he may turn to you for sexual satisfaction, but this is somenthing that makes him feel miserable and stranded. Not only can he not enjoy his love affair with you, but he also seems to sink in depression because of his own choices. 
Problems and obstacles from your partner's point of view are indicated in positions 6 and 7. On your side, the Three of Wands reversed is a very clear sign that your relationship with this man cannot continue. There is no good future ahead for you two. This may be due to character incompatibility or you could be having different aims in life. Co-operation is not favoured and even if it is achieved the results will be disappointing. There could also be a sense of time and energy wasted or badly invested. No matter what the cause behind this failure is, it is pretty obvious that there will be more postponements, delays and lack of advancement. In positions 7, which indicates the problems he has in his marriage, the Moon reveals that his wife may be aware of your affair or strongly suspecting it. It is also possible that she resorts to sentimental outbursts with lots of shouting and tears, which terrifies your partner and makes him feel unsure about how to handle things. One thing is for certain: when the Moon comes up, it's always a woman who calls the shots. 
The last four cards indicate the outcome of both relationships. On your side, there appeared the Fool reversed and Eight of Swords. These cards show that the outcome of your love affair will not be the one you desire. There will be disagreement and seperation and no one will be willing to take responsibility for the break up. As a result you will feel trapped and possibly betrayed. The best thing you should do is recognise that this relationship is keeping you away from your principal goals of settling down and starting a family. Once you accept that, it will be easier for you to take the necessary steps in order to free yourself from the vicious cycle of endless accusations and grief... Lastly, the two final cards indicating the outcome concerning your partner's marriage, the Six of Wands and the Five of Swords make up a bizzare combination: Five of Swords indicates that the illegitimate love affair you're having with this man will leave some scars on the face of his marriage. Your partner will probably feel defeated and humbled after this experience and will seek reconciliation with his wife, especially after the emotional tempest indicated by the Moon card above. 
 According to this reading, I would say that there's nothing worth waiting for in this situation. In my opinion, the best thing you should do is let go, keeping all your happy memories in your heart. Another partner will better help you fulfill your needs. Take time to think deeply and honestly, check your priorities and accept responsibility for your actions. Remember, you make your own life by making your own choices. 

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