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Ναι ή Όχι; Άνοιγμα με εφτά φύλλαSometimes one simple  "Yes or No" answer is not enough to answer a question. What makes the difference is to know the factors or causes behind an affirmative or negative response. In such a case, a spread like this can significantly help.

It consists of seven cards and the positive or negative response depends on how many cards appear upright or ill-dignifed. When most of them are upright, the answer is a "yes". The oppostie happens when most of the cards appear ill-dignified. Of course, as I wrote in the analysis of the "Pyramid" spread, the quality of the cards is perhaps more important than their orientation. So, if most cards are favorable but appear reversed, the answer is that more time and effort are necessary to achieve what you want. If, on the other hand, most cards are negative but appear upright, then the answer is clearly negative. Study the cards and let your intuition guide you to the correct answer.

The positions are as follows: 
Position 1: Result - external

Position 2: Obstacles external

Position 3: Support external

Position 4: Current situation
Position   7: Result internal 
Position 6: Obstacles internal


Position 5: Support internal

The most interesting feature of this spread is that it includes "internal" and "external" positions. In other words, this spread explores the positive and negative qualities of an issue depending on how they appear to those around us and also on how you function, think and feel within. Let's look at an example.

Sample Reading

I am involved with a man four years older than me. We' have been together for about two years. Although our relationship started with the best prospects, things don't seem to unfold so well lately. I fear that he's not in love with me anymore. What can I do? What are the future prospects of this relationship?

Position 1: Result - external/ The Sun
Position 2: Obstacles external/ Knight of Cups
Position 3: Support external/ Six of Cups
Position 4: Current situation/ Queen of Pentacles Rx
Position   7: Result internal / Two of Cups
Position 6: Obstacles internal/ Queen of Wands 
Position 5: Support internal / The Hierophant Rx


As a first response, we can see that five of the seven cards appeared upright. Their quality is good, which means that this relationship will have the positive outcome you desire. Furthermore, there is no evidence of deception in the relationship. So, let's see, how you can achieve the desired positive result.
In the fourth place indicatiing the current situation, the appearance of the Queen of Pentacles reversed symbolizes a suspicious and deeply conservative woman. 
This may be a woman in your environment, your mother, for example, or the mother of your partner, who causes problems with her attitude. Or... this woman can be you! You need to think whether you have entrapped yourself in stereotypes and demanding baheviour. 
What interests you most? Doing 
what is "right" or doing what you really want? What are your expectations of your partner? 
Whatever the situation the psychology of this Queen is fragile. She feels insecure and weak. 
 If you feel that this card stands for a person in your environment, you need to keep your distance. If, on the other hand, you feel that this Queen indicates your behaviour ow way of thinking, you need to re-examine your priorities and adjust your attitude. 
Do not suppress your partner and remember that you cannot control everyone and everything.

At positions 3 and 5, which symbolize the support you enjoy, we have the Six of Cups and the Hierophant reversed. The Six of Cups is a very positive card and it stands for happy memories. Whatever you have enjoyed with your partner in the past can be a stepping stone for a better future. Cherrish what you have shared and nurture it. 
Remember the good times together, laugh again with your old jokes, regain your innocence. Do not be afraid to become children again.

The Hierophant reversed in the position that indicates the support and assistance that stems from psychological factors, stresses the need to avoid mainstream choices. Do not allow social structures and demands confine you. You need to dare get rid of all old traditions when you feel they restrict your potential. 
Look for a personal way of expression in the relationship. Innovations and freedom can work in your favor at this time. 

At positions 2 and 6, which stand for obstacles, we have the Knight of Cups and the Queen of Wands. The romantic knight suggests that some of the problems you face in your relationship today, are due to your passive and over-idealistic attitude. If you expect your partner to be a Mr. Perfect, think again. Don't overidealize people or situations. You need to be more grounded. Perhaps you enjoy too much the idea of being in love or being in a close relationship with someone. If you really care about your partner, you should accept his weaknesses too. Needless to say that if you decide to start seeing someone else, this will cause your relationship to collapse! 
The Queen of Wands suggests that your insecurity and jealousy undermines your relationship. Work on your self-confidence if you want to avoid complications and obstacles in your life. You are more charming than you think! Let your personality shine and don't be afraid of competition.

Finally, at positions 1 and 7 representing the final result, there are two very promising cards. The bright Sun of the major Arcana, one of the most favorable cards in the entire deck, eliminates darkness, doubts, fears, misunderstandings. Your personal happiness is somthing you can accomplish with your partner! Allow your new vitality to fill your life with optimism and joy. On a psychological level, the Two of Cups suggests that the positive outcome of the situation will make you feel very close to each other, once again. Do not forget that this card stands for heartfelt communication, mutual understanding and acceptance. If you accept the message of the previous cards, the future of this relationship is bright and very fulfillng!