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Πυραμίδα Ναι - Όχι
The pyramidal shape, dignified or not, is commonly used with the tarot cards. In the spread I'm using here, I have arranged the cards so that they answer a question with a straightforward "yes" or "no", as well as give valuable information about the problem. 

The general rule defines that if two out of three cards in positions 4, 5 and 6 appear dignified, the answer to your question is positive. The opposite happens when two out of three cards appear reversed. You need to be careful, though: it is the quality of the cards that matters the most. If there are three very positive cards appearing reversed, the answer to your question is still positive, although it may take more time and effort on your part to achieve your goals. The same applies for negative cards: even if they all appear dignified, the answer to your question is "no". The other cards are also important: they usually imply the way to achieve your goals if the answer is positive or they may show you the reason why you get a negative answer. Thus, you may have the chance to intervene or alter your behaviour in order to still pursue more favourable results. 

The positions of the Pyramid are as follows:
    1. The Quearant/
Current situation

  2. Environment
  3. Environment
4. The answer
  5.   The answer 
  6.   The answer 
    7. The future

The positions are analysed as follows:

Position 1: The Querant / Current situation. This card reveals how the Quearant feels or what he's going through at this time. It is a very important card as it somehow 'leads" the rest of the reading.
Positions 2 and 3: The Environment. These two cards can show the actors as to why the Querant's plans are or aren't working. They also shape the environment in which the Querant is called to take action and they may indicate something about other people's role and influence. 
Posiitions 4, 5 and 6: The cards in these positions give the answer to the Querant's questions. 
Position 7: The future. This card indicates how the Querant's future will be shaped after the answer of positions 4, 5 and 6 is realised. You need to rememebr that a negative answer can still lead to a positive future and vice versa. 

Sample Reading

Question: I have recently had a horrible fight with my partner and we haven't spoken for days. Will we make up? What will happen between us?
1. Current situation/ Four of pentacles
2. Environment /
Nine of Cups Rx
  3.  Environment /
     Four of Cups
4. The answer / The Moon
5.  The answer  / Three of Wands Rx
6.  The answer  / The Star
7. The future / Two of Swords


The first quick answer is yes, you will reconcile with your partner. But there are some things that you should definitely think about the present and the future of your relationship.

In the first position, which symbolizes the current situation, appeared the Four of Pentacles. The rather petty, stingy figure on the card is probably indicating that you, or your partner or both, show greediness and selfishness. You seem to desperately try to hold on to whatever represents safety. It can be money, social status, a house or simply the actual relationship. The first position in this spread is very important and it actually calls you think about the heart of the matter. Do you struggle to keep your relationship just because you have "invested" a lot in it?

The above query can be tough, but at positions 2 and 3, the cards seem to emphasize the above reasoning. Nine of Cups reversed suggests that there are many problems you seem to turn a blind eye to. You stick with appearances and you are truly unresponsive to the needs of others. The Four of Cups symbolizing a rejected offer, suggests that boredom or frustration causes you to be completely unappreciative. Yo seem to have become pretty touchy and defensive. You need to take up your own responsibility for the current situation. Did you try to build a solid relationship by imposing very strict structures? Or are you just too reluctant to admit that your current partner just doesn't live up to your expectations? Whatever the situation, think seriously and honestly of what your true feelings are. Re-arrange your priorities if you feel you should, without guilt. 

At positions 4, 5 and 6, which
offer you the answer, two out of three papers appeared upright, which means that your answer is positive. Let's see a little more detail.

The Moon indicates that things are not exactly as they seem. Your wild imagination may be causing you illusions about what is happening around you. You can not see clearly because your fears, doubts and insecurity, distort the image. You are moody and on the brink of depression. Try to relax before making decisions about your life. Avoid any use of substances (e.g, mediacation, alcohol etc) The thing that can help you get rid of the worries and illusions that haunt you, is your intuition. Regain contact with yourself and rethink what you need. You need to fight the painful feeling of disorientation so that you can see more clearly where we are going.

Three of Wands reversed suggests that conflicts may arise from character clashes. The best thing to do is avoid obstinacy and stubbornness. Your plans for the future will encounter unexpected difficulties. Consider the setbacks as an opportunity to plan more carefully on a much more solid ground.

The Star that appears at the end of this series is an auspicious card. It cannot guarantee future developments, but its message is particularly important as it calls you to change attitude toward things and see yur life more positively! Optimism and hope can work wonders now. Let the old wounds close and regain your positive attitude toward things. Believe in your abilities and focus on a single goal. Finally, don't be afraid of the truth. Whatever is revealed now can lead to a better life, in the long run. 

In seventh position, symbolizing the results in the future, the Two of Swords is a card that symbolizes truce. The static image of the woman with the two swords crossed over her chest, is indicative of the situation that you will encounter in the future. The Two of Swords teaches the art of compromise. You need to ignore some things and show diplomacy and flexibility if you want to maintain balance. If you want to achieve equilibrium, you need to adopt the Swords' qualities: truth, honesty, courage and logic. Speak honestly and fearlessly express what you feel, even if it is negative (anger, frustration, etc.). At the same time, be prepared to listen to your partner as well. Don't attack if criticized, but try to understand. The truce between you can only last if you are both honest and respectful. Also, avoid emotional bursts and don't exaggerate things. Strict reasoning is your ally now.