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Άνοιγμα με μία φιγούραThis is a variation of the classic Celtic Cross Spread which can provide useful advice about a person (yourself, a client, or someone you are interested in - but never a person you have never met!)

Sample Reading

Question: I feel very confused. Even though everything runs smoothly at work and home (I'm happily married with a wonderful woman) I feel restless, worried and unsatisfied. Some piece of the puzzle seems to be missing from my life but I don't know which. I'm perfeclty healthy, popular with my friends and colleagues and in a warm relationship. So, what's wrong with me? Why do I feel so empty sometimes? 

  Position 3: Basic influence /Nine of Wands Rx

Position  5: The Past/ Queen of Cups
Position  1: Significator / King of Wands + Position 2: The present / Nine of Cups Rx 
Position 6: Immediate future/ Seven of Pentacles
Position 7: Later in the future / Ace of Swords
  Position 4: What's in the darkness / The Devil

(Note: The Significator was chosen randomly for this sample reading)

In this reading, there are two Nines, and they are both reversed. Judging from this, I can tell you have a feeling of incompletion in life. Number Nine in the Tarot represents the final step before the ending of a circle (for better or for worse). In your case, they are boht ill-dignified which makes it very obvious that either you feel deeply dissatisfied with your accomplishments, or that you overreact over your condition.

More analytically, the Nine of Cups reversed suggests that your dissatisfaction may arise from the fact that you would rather avoid disputes and quarrels at work or home, rather than express what you really think or need. Don't be afraid to express your opinion or feelings. By playing blind or deaf to whatever bothers you just because it shouldn't, you're only making the situation more intolerable for yourself.

Nine of Wands, reversed again, seems to stress the aforementioned. You may have gone through may trials to acquire what you have today and it's probable very hard for you to admit that not everything was worth the trouble but lying to yourself will not make the situation any better. Defend your choices if you feel like it but don't be afraid to change your plans, methods, habits, environment if this is what you really want.

The Devil in the fourth position indicates that the underlying forces at this time are related to the material aspects of you life. You desire to break free from convention, no matter how secure it is. You crave for all types of delights, which is not necessarily bad. The Devil is a very powerful card. I would say you shouldn't suppress you desires and aspirations any more (sexual, material, antagonistic). Dare to make some of your dreams real but take care that you don't hurt other people.

Queen of Cups symbolizes a woman who is sensitive, loving and caring, probably your wife. You should be cautious with her because she understands more than you think. Is it really worth to lose her? If you think your relationship is a bit boring, try to invigorate it as it may be too difficult to replace it. Hurting others will not offer you anything.

In the near future, the Seven of Pentacles indicates that you will be called to re-examine your values and goals. A time of uncertainty lies ahead. Take your time to evaluate from scratch what's important for you. It's the only way to a fulfilling life.

Finally, the Ace of Swords shows you will soon regain consciousness of your potential and you will seek to take decisive action of change. In general, all the cards in this spread indicate you have to go through a period of re-evaluation. You will need to show courage and absolute honesty to yourself and to others. Don't be afraid to make decisions but make sure you know why you're changing things.