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  Άνοιγμα με ένα φύλλοSometimes, when things get really complicated and we need immediate guidance, it is advisable to rely on a simple one-card spread. Large spreads provide lots of information but they may be a bit confusing in times of great tension.

Avoid asking "yes or no" questions. Sit in a quiet place, relax and think about what's bothering you. Then take a deep breath and draw a card. Examine the card and think what this card symbolizes for you, before looking for its "official" meaning. Allow your subconscious to give you the guidance you need. Then you can check the card's interpretation. 

Sample Reading
Question: I was recently offered a new job. The money is a lot better than what I make now but this new post involves a great deal of risk. Should I accept it or not? Is this a good period for new, risky ventures?

One-Card Spread 

The Lovers card symbolizes personal choices and dilemmas. At the same time, this Major Arcana card reminds us of the importance of love and affection in our life,  even if the question is not related to our love life. The message the Lovers bear is that content, satisfaction and success will only be achieved if you follow your heart! Of course, it is understood that you must weigh your practical and financial needs and decide how they will better be fulifilled. But, during this process you must alsways bear in mind that doing a job you like is an additional factor of cjoice. It is now time to think and decide what would make you happy. It's no use doing a job you hate or one that drains all your time and energy, no matter how secure it may be. Nor is it any good doing a well-paid job which you find too stressful. Balance is the keyword for making the right choice. The Lovers card indicates that you should examine the quality of the choices ahead of you. The advice this card gives is to dare to choose what you feel would be more suitable for you and your personal needs. Allow yourself, your talents and fancy to be a factor in making your choice, along with your practical needs. Once you make your choice, the Lovers have some extra advice for you: stick with the path you've chosen. Don't trouble yourself with hypothetical questions like "What would have happened if...". Support your choice if you want to see positive results.