Mulptiple cards
It is pretty obvious, that when you draw all four Sixes in a spread, the Tarot is definately trying to tell you something. You may still interpret each card seperately, but you may also need to keep the following traditional combinations in mind: 

4 Kings : Important meetings
3 Kings : Recognition, honor
2 Kings : Business opportunities
4 Queens: Lots of fighting
3 Queens: Influential women 
2 Queens: Slander, malice

4 Ιππότες: Speed of action. A powerful clan
3 Ιππότες: Unexpected meetings
2 Ιππότες: Old friends

4 Pages: New plans or ideas
3 Pages: Group of young people
2 Pages: Having fun

4 Tens: Responsibilities. Worry
3 Tens: Commercial transactions

4 Nines: Additional effort or responsibilities
3 Nines: News or information

4 Eights: Too much, confusing news reaching your ears
3 Eights: Lots of moving around and change

4 Sevens: Disappointment
3 Sevens: Alliances and discussions

4 Sixes: Delight
3 Sixes: Success

4 Fives: Order, harmony
3 Fives: Discord, fights

4 Fours: Serenity. Stability. 
3 Fours: Additional effort is required

4 Threes: Decision leads to resolution
3 Threes: Deception

4 Twos: Many discussions and meetings
3 Twos: You need to reconsider your plans

4 Aces: A very powerful ally
3 Aces: Success. Wealth
Aces: New job or house


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