Numbers on Tarot cards - Qualities and combinations
What the numbers on each card stand for. Combinations of multiple cards of the same number. 

Mulptiple cards
It is pretty obvious, that when you draw all four Sixes in a spread, the Tarot is definately trying to tell you something. You may still interpret each card seperately, but you may also need to keep the following traditional combinations in mind: 

4 Kings : Important meetings
3 Kings : Recognition, honor
2 Kings : Business opportunities
Aces symbolize the principle element of each suit. They are the spark, the initial energy, the first step in the journey. Aces indicate ideas, new projects, gifts (in the general sense) and new beginnings. 
They are related to the Magician of the major Arcana and they indicate the direction or form of energy you need to implement, rather than determine concrete results in your efforts. 
Twos represent duality and cooperation. 
While Aces represent raw energy and disposition, Twos give us a first idea of how we can handle this energy. They are associated with the second card of the Major Arcana, the High Priestess, which represents knowledge.
When you get many Twos in a spread, you know it's time for cooperation, either between yourself and others, or you need to combine various skills in order to get what you want. 
When the Twos appear reversed, it usually means that something prevents this necessary cooperation. Balance is fragile and strength is divided instead of being doubled.  
The Threes represent the first result of the two previous cards. They indicate creation and efforts bearing fruit. 
They are associated with the Empress of the major Arcana, indicating creativity, expansion and beauty. 
When the Threes appear reversed in a spread, they usually indicate that a creative consensus is not possible or that your efforts are not paying off. Additionally, they may show deception or third parties hindering your plans.
The Fours are associated with the fourth card of the Major Arcana, the Emperor. Therefore, they are related to established power, stability and order. When you get a Four, things are calm, stable, built on a solid foundation.
The Four also represent the negative side of stability, depending on their position in the spread or their orientation (upright or reversed). Thus, they may also indicate boredom, stalemates or fear of change. 
The Fives represent problems that need to be overcome and challenges in daily life. 
They are associated with the Hierophant of the major Arcana and thus indicate that the best solutions are always given on the spiritual plane. 
The Sixes are associated with balance and restoration, recognition and harmony. 
The Sixes are associated with Lovers of the major Arcana and thus also indicate balanced choices (or the need for them).
If Sixes appear reversed in a spread, they usually indicate loss of balance, discord, injustice. Also the solutions hindered, not found or postponed.
The Sevens are like the Fives, representing challenges, but this time, the challenge is usually about control over a situation. 
The Sevens are associated with the Chariot of the major Arcana and just like the charioteer is trying to control the creatures pulling his chariot, the Sevens indicate necessary action to take control. They also suggest ways in which we can defend our choices and stand up to the others. 
Many Sevens in a spread indicate competition, external pressure and even collapse.
The Eights are associated with the Strength of the major Arcana, a card of courage, power and enforcement. The Eights indicate action, swift decisions and change. 
The Eights are generally thought to be positive cards but when they appear reversed they usually indicate denial, stagnation, laziness, cowardice and indecision.
The Nines are among the most powerful cards of minor Arcana. They usually represent the last stage before the completion of efforts. The Nines are associated with the Hermit, and just like him, who is looking for his own personal path, Nines can indicate the results of this search. 
When Nines appear reversed in a spread it is an indication that the effort cannot be completed because something is amiss or that the results of your quest will be disappointing. 
Tens represent the completion and closing of the circle. They are associated with the Wheel of Fortune of the Major Arcana, the card that indicates change. Sometimes, the completion is successful, which gives us a sense of euphoria and satisfaction, but sometimes the circle may close in a negative way for us. 
Generally, Tens are influential cards. If they come up reversed, they indicate that the ending or completion of a situation is hindered. 
The Pages of the minor Arcana represent young people of both sexes. They may stand for children or adolescents, and sometimes youthful or young adults. The Pages symbolize enthusiasm, curiosity and restlessness and also projects at their beginning. The Pages are also related to the arrival of news or information, depending on their position in the spread and the question asked. 

The Knights represent young people of less than forty years of age of both sexes, but usually men. 
Knights personify the most extreme energy of their suit. They also indicate movement and travel, depending on their position in the spread and the question asked. 
Queens in the minor Arcana represent women of all ages.
Creativity and intution are highly indicated with the Queens. 
Depending on their position in the spread, the Queens may show which "feminine" repressed aspects of ourselves need to come to light.
Kings of the minor Arcana represent men over forty years.
The kings are are associated with established power, practicallity, laws and rules. 
The Kings may also indicate how we try to project and impose ourselves to others. When in advisory position, they may indicate the right attitude to adopt when pursuing a goal.

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