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Το πεντάκτινο του αλχημιστή

The Alchemist's spread is a highly mystical spread, claimed to have been devised by Nostradamus himself. In her book “Tarot” (Collins/Gem publications) Rowenna Stuart says that this spread should be drawn only once for each Querant during his or her lifetime.

My advice to anyone who wishes to perform this spread is to use only the Major Arcana cards and strictly avoid any reversals. If a card appears ill-dignified, the readed must turn it to its upright form.

The positions included in the Alchemist's spread are the following: 


Position 4: Immediate future influences

Position 1: The Past

Position 5: Intermediate future influences
Position 2: The Present

Position 6: Long-term future influences
Position 3: The Future

Position 1: The Past. The card in this position indicates all the Querant's experience from previous lives.

Position 2: The Present. The card in this position indicates all that the Querant will achieve in this life.

Position 3: The Future. The card in this position indicates the Querant's ultimate position on the Wheel of Life.

The three following cards are interpreted in association with the card in position 3.

Position 4: Immediate future influences.

Position 5: Intermediate future influences.

Position 6: Long-term future influences.