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Το άνοιγμα της καθοδήγησης

This is a spread with eight advisory positions that can be used for guidance when you feel confused about what is happening around you. This spread can provide some good advice about what to do and what to avoid doing in a given situation. 

The positions in this spread are as follows:

Position 1: The situation today

Position  6: Harmful attitude

Position 2: Key influences

Position 7: Answer

Position  5: Influences from the environment

Position 3: Hidden influences

Position 4: Effective attitude

Position  8: The consequences in the future


Position 1: The situation today. This position represents the current situation or problem and the psychology of the person concerned.

Position 2: Key influences. The card in this position reveals some key factors that shape or have a large impact on shaping the present reality.

Position 3: Hidden influences. The card in this position reveals what is happening behind the scenes. It can indicate things you might not know or things that you just do not pay due attention.

Position 4: Effective attitude. The card in this position can be very useful. It indicates what approach will benefit you right now, what you should do.

Position 5: Influences from the environment. The card in this position represents the influences coming from the environment. It may also indicate the role of other people in the problem.

Position 6: Harmful attitude. The card in this position is advisory and reveals what you had better avoid doing at the time being. This card can also stand for a power that works against you.

Position 7: Answer. The card in this position indicates the solution to the problem.

Position 8: The consequences in the future. This last position is optional and it indicates the future consequences of the card in position 7. 


Sample Reading


I am very worried about my daughter. She is 22 years old and she's involved with a man twenty years older than her. He's divorced and has two children. No matter what I and her father say, she won't listen to us. She also recently announced her plans to drop out of college and move in with him! I don't recognize my child anymore. She won't discuss a thing with us and I fear that her infatuation with this man will destroy her life... How can I show her that this man is not the right person for her? I very much fear that my daughter is wasting the best years of her life with someone who will make her unhappy....


Position 1: The situation today / The Empress Rx
Position  6: Harmful attitude/ The Emperor
Position 2: Key influences /King of Cups Rx
Position 7: Answer /Ace of Cups
Position  5: Influences from the environment / Death
Position 3: Hidden influences / Queen of Swords Rx
Position 4: Effective attitude/ Five of Swords
Position  8: The consequences in the future / Seven of Cups

Note: The reading is done for the Querant, not her daughter.


In the first position which symbolizes your psychology and the situation that has developed so far, the Empress reversed suggests that you have become too controlling and oppressive with the people you care about. Your motives may be pure but your attitude will bring about the opposite of the desired results. It is understood that you love your daughter but you need to be more discreet, allowing her to make her own choices.

In second
position that symbolizes the factors shaping the current situation, the King of Cups also reversed suggests that there are too many emotional games being played. If you or your husband are emotionally blackmailing or threatening with scandal your daughter or her partner, think again. Even if this card simply stands for your fears that this man is inappropriate for your daughter, you can't make her change her mind by using any underhand methods. Dramatic as it may sound, any emotional outbursts, games of guilt and emotional blackmail played on your part, will harm your daughter much worse than you can now imagine.

The third reversed figure in the position symbolizing the hidden influences is the wry Queen Swords. This figure represents a highly critical and contentious woman. This may suggest that bitter words are exchanged, insults that damage the relationship you have with your child. You need to consider the position of this Queen carefully: standing in the background, this is probably a deeply hurt woman who has suffered a lot in her life. Nevertheless, this doesn't give her the right to judge the lives of others. Dignity, love and acceptance are very important now. Be impartial and prudent.

In the fourth position which indicates the best attitude to adopt, the Five of Swords reveals that you must accept your “defeat”. You need to understand that you cannot decide for your daughter's life and you must abandon any such effort. Moreover, in the sixth position symbolizing the attitude to avoid, the Emperor emphasizes the above: the worst thing you can do right now is try to set your own limitations and rules or impose punishments. You must at all costs avoid any games of control at this time. Looking at the Death card in the fifth position, I can gather that your daughter will not hesitate to turn her back on you once and for all if you try to control her life now.

The Ace of Cups in the seventh position gives you a clear answer: the best way to approach your child again is loving, honest and essential communication. Speak clearly, without emotional outbursts, about what is worrying or troubling you. Speak honestly about your fears and deep feelings. But most importantly, show your daughter the love, trust and respect she deserves. It's the only way to restore your relationships with her. What is more, the Seven of Cups in the last position symbolizing future influences, shows that your daughter will later be confronted with multiple choices and dilemmas that will confuse and disorientate her. Make sure you are there for her because she will need all your support. Avoid criticism and above all, do not confuse support with imposition.