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Dear friends,
I received an email from a member of greektarot.gr who informed me of a forum entitled "Greek Tarot" and asked if I had anything to do with it. My answer was negative and when I checked the forum I saw pretty much what I expected: a makeshift community with oredictions shared among its memebrs. To be honest, this doesn't bother me. What bothers me is that this forum stole -the name of my website, as well as all its basic content: spreads, interpretations and even my article on my personal approach to Tarot! 

When I set up Greektarot.gr I chose to allow open access to information to all users, registered or not, in good faith and without any consideration because I believe that knowledge should be accessible by all. Still, this is not the same as stealing someone's texts and publishing them in your forum, inviting people to take part (and without even mentioning where you found these texts.
I certainly contacted the administrators of that forum and asked them to delete all material coming from my site but not only did they not comply, but they didn't even bother to answer!
Well, what did I exprect from charlatans who are only interested in snatching people's money?
Today, with this text, I want to inform all members of this website that I am in no way related to any other webpage except for www.greektarot.gr
If you see my name anywhere else doing spreads or giving advice, it's a fake. 
Thank you
Demetra Serafimidou