Four of Swords

The person on the Four of Swords looks like he's dead, but in reality this is a man who is resting, physically or emotionally. He has resorted to a retreat (the room looks like the interior of a church) and he has put aside his arms in order to rest for a while. 

General meaning

When you
get the Four of Swords, it is very likely to encounter conflicts, attacks, misunderstandings or excessive stress. This card prompts you to retreat or retire. Move away from unpleasant situations and restore your peace of mind. Avoid all needless associations and interactions and prefer seclusion for a while. Stop recycling other people's words inside your head. What is important now is to take some time off any troubles or past turmoils. Meditation and rest are necessary. The immobility of this card can be very beneficial for you at this time.

If the question concerns a health problem, the Four of Swords is an omen of healing and recovery.If the question is about personal life, the Four of Swords suggests that a seperation can do you good. Moving away from each other for a short period of time will help you both assess the situation between you better and allow you to see things more clearly.

In negative position

If the Four
of Swords appears upright in a negative position, then you probably need to think about the distance you keep from others. By remaining distant and secluded, you deprive yourself from joy and help, and thus negativity and loneliness prevail. Alternatively, the Four of Swords upright in a negative position sometimes suggests that you tend to beat about the bush, avoiding your real problems and thus prolonging problematic situations. You need to act now if you want positive change and solutions.


If the Four
of Swords appears reversed, it then probably describes a blockade imposed on you against your will. You may feel alienated or rejected. Frustration doesn't help. Reflect on your past behavior and put possible mistakes right. If this doesn’t work, you must come to terms with the fact that no matter how much you try, some people will never accept or like you. It's high time you went on without them.

Finally, if your question is about health issues, the Four of Swords reversed usually indicates that a prolongation of treatment is necessary until complete recovery. Have patience and follow your doctor's advice. 


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