Three of Swords

This is the terrifying Three of Swords, the card most people hate to see in a spread. On its illustration, we can see three swords piercing a heart, irreparably hurting it against a gray, rainy sky ...

General meaning

I have already mentioned that the ideal of Swords is the world of ideas and especially the quest for the truth. Swords are also associated with logic, reason and information. So at one level, the Three of Swords usually indicates the discovery of a very painful truth. For this reason, this card is frequently associated with infidelity, betrayal, seperation and abandonment.

If you get the Three of Swords in a spread, be prepared for words, news or information that will hurt you. You may discover that your partner is cheating you. You may get involved in a dispute or fight during which you will hear or say bitter words and ugly insults. The Three of Swords is a card that is traditionally associated with separation, disappointment and mental anguish. But like all two-edged swords, it has a double meaning: What do you prefer? Staying in a relationship with a liar or face the bitter truth? Here, the ideal of Swords (cold logic) implies that in order to go through the pain, you need to think cooly and rationally. Whatever happens, no matter how much it hurts you now, the truth will always be your ally.

In negative position

If the Three of Swords appears upright in an negative position, it's time to contemplate on certain things: are you suspicious and afraid that most people around you intend to deceive or hurt you? Are your actions guided by the fear of loneliness and rejection? Are you turning a blind eye to your difficulties and problems in order to avoid conflict? If you feel that the swords of fear or doubt are tearing heart to pieces, you need to find the courage to speak up. Search and provide clear answers about the issue at heart. 


If The Three
of Swords appears reversed, then its energy is blocked. You may escape a bitter seperation but the painful truth hasn't come to light. You need to be logical, precise and unbiased. It's time you put an end to the vicious cycle of lies, insults and humiliation. Be direct and decisive. Also, this card is a sign of great turmoil and confusion. Double check facts and information before you confront someone. 


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