Reversed Cards Print
There has been a long debate on whether reversed cards should be used  in a Tarot reading or not and whether they really add to the readings. I personally use them but if you, like so many other people, feel uncomfortable with the reversals, feel free to ignore this practice. Still, if you decide to use reversed cards, here are three methods you can use to interpret them. 

1. Contrast 
According to this approach, the energy of the card is reversed, thus its reversed meaning is exactly the opposite of the upright. For example, if you get the Two of Cups upright, it's a new relationship whereas if you get it reversed it indicates break-up and sorrow. This approach works very well for all positive cards but what happens with the so-called negative cards? Take the Three of Sowrds, for exmaple. Upright it means pain and tears, so reversed it should mean hapiness and good news. Still, this is a matter of personal connection to the cards. I can never see the Three of Swords - even reversed - and expect a good development.

2. Obstruction
 According to this approach, the energy of the card is blocked when it comes up reversed. For example, the Star is the card of hope and optimism. If it comes up reversed, its energy is blocked: optimism either does not exist or cannot be expressed appropriately. If we examine a negative card with this apprach, the explanation is easier. Let's take the Three of Swords again: in this case the painful truth is still there but it's just not expressed. 


3. Inverted image
This approach usually weakens both positive and negative cards. If we take for example the Ace of Cups, upright it indicates positive feelings, while reversed it means that the cup is empty, the contents are spilled and there is frustration. The same happens with the negative cards. Let's take the Five of Cups. Upright, it is a card of loss and mourning but it also brings the hope of better days if the person decides to focus on the present rather than the past. Reverse the image and you see all the cups emptied so there is not even hope. 

There are certainly many more methods to read a reversed Tarot card. You can choose for yourself the one that fits you best or even combine methods, depending on the reading, the card's position in the spread and the question posed.