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Σταυρός με 5 φύλλαA popular spreas is the 5-card cross. It is quite detailed and can give helpful advice in dealing with a situation. Before selecting this spread, just think of the law of cause and effect. All cards are interdependent and stand for what can happen under certain conditions. To put it more simply: you do not need the Tarot to understand, for example, that blind arrogance and stubbornness will not havepositive results in your life. Interpret the cards as a whole.

The positions in this spread are as follows: 
3.Main influence
1. Current situation
5. Future consequences
2.Current developments
4. Outcome

The positions pf this spread are as follows:
1. The current situation. How things have developed so far.
2. Current developments. What will occur immediately, before finding the solution. What could act as a barrier or support. 
3. Main influence. What mindset or person influence the situation.
4. Outcome. Judging from all the previous cards, what is the most likely outcome.
5. The consequences in the future. What consequences or results the above-mentioned outcome will have in your life in the future.


Sample Reading

Question:  I'm writing because I feel tormented by the many quarrels I have in my marriage. Even though my husband and I still love each other, we seem unable to agree on anything! We argue all the time, insults are on our daily menu and nothing seems to work between us anymore. I fear we will end up to divorce. Can you help?

5-Card Cross
3.  Main influence  / Five of Pentacles

1.Current situation / Queen of Cups Rx
5. Future consequences / Judgement
2. Current developments / Two of Wands
4. Outcome / Nine of Swords

The Queen of Cups reversed in the first position stands for  emotional extremes and exaggerations. The situation is particularly charged with melodramatic outbursts and quarrels full of tension. Avoid all excess. Avoid attacking your husband just because you need to elicit confirmation. Don't be touchy and over-sensitive. You need to take control of your behaviour and attitude. Don't get carried away by anger, depression and fears.Avoid abusing your husband or yourself verbally or emotionally. Don't use medication without medical advice and avoid consuming alcohol.

The Two of Wands in the second position indicate that some progress and recovery is on the way. You need to renew practical trust between you. Share your plans and dreams for the future and look ahead. Fight doubt, insecurity and anxiety. Focus on a new project and work hard. Do not try to change everything overnight. Collaborate with your husband and be practical instead of emotional.

The main influence shows a sense of deprivation and rejection. Whether this is a result of conflict or of serious financial problems, it is quite obvious that one of you, or even both of you, feel rejected, weak, hurt and lonely. Look at the Five of Pentacles that appears in this position. The couple on the card are in need, they're going through very serious hardships, they're all alone out in the cold... Think carefully about what you really need. Even though you say that you and your husband still love each other, it is quite possible that there is some very serious emotional deficiency. Does your husband still offer you what you really need? Do you offer him the same? Take responsibility for your attitude and your behavior and tune in with what you really feel. If there are financial difficulties in the marriage, a more realistic attitude is necessary. The quarrels and recriminations worsen the problem rather than solve it. Roll up your sleeves and work together if you want your problems solved. Also, be patient and less demanding.

The Nine of Swords in the fourth position is a card that symbolizes 
fears, guilt, remorse and doubt. The appearance of this card urges you to stop blaming yourself and behave more positively and creatively. If you feel guilty about your behavior, make sure you change it. If you have doubts and suspicions, double-check all information or hunches, based striclty on your logic and solid evidence. Look at things realistically. Do not immerse in despair and stop recycling what he said, what you said and other negative thoughts. You need peace of mind. Undertake initiatives instead of mourning and regret. Take care of your physical and emotional health and don't hesitate to seek a professional's help. 

Once you clear up all the above, the solution can be found if you reconcile with what has happened. Judgement in the future position symbolizes a turning point, rebirth and new beginnings. Forgive one another and also yourselves for all the bruising and wounds. This card's most important message is that real change comes from within. Realize what mistakes were made and where they led you. Accept the lesson and start all over. You will need to make final decisions and rid yourself of burdens of the past. There is hope for your marriage but you must adapt your attitude.