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Καθρέφτισμα / Εγώ κι εσύThis Mirror spread is very popular with Querants who need an insight of their current relationship. This spread cannot be performed about perople who do not know each other or people who are not somehow related. The Mirror Spread is best used to compare the feelings and intentions of both partners and thus provide the general outline of the affair. Be receptive to any outcome.

Spread Positions
Position 7: Advice

Position 5: Pursuits

Position 6: Pursuits

Position 3: Negative feelings

Position 4: Negative feelings

Position  1: Positive feelings

Position  2: Positive feelings

Partner Α   Partner Β

Summary of the positions above
Positions 1,2: What brings the two partners together.
Positions 3,4: What pulls the two partners apart. 
Positions 5,6: What each partner hopes to achieve through this relationship or how much they are ready to commit
Position 7: Advice

Sample reading

Question: I would like to know how my partner feels about me and if he's ready to commit to our relationship. We have been together for three months. 
Position 7: Advice/ The Sun
Position 5: Pursuits / Nine fo Pentacles
Position 6: Pursuits/ The Hierophant
Position   3: Negative feelings / Knight of Pentacles 
  Position  4: Negative feelings / Page of Cups 
Position  1 Positive feelings  /   The World
  Position  2: Positive feelings
/High Priestess
Partner Α
  Partner  Β

(Note: In the sample reading, Partner A is the woman who is seeking advice and Partner B is her boyfriend).

My first observation is that four out of seven cards are Major Arcana, which indicates that this realtionship is very important for both partners. What is more, the are two Peantacles cards which shows that youare both in need and search of emotional and materila security. 

In positions 1 and 2 which stand for positive feelings, you obviously admire your partner very much. The World card indicates that you consider him to be the catalyst of the successful conclusion of a cycle in your life. After many quests, you have finally found what you were looking for! He incarnates all new possibilities for you. You only need to bear in mind that no matter how much your partner inspires you, you shouldn't burden him with your personal aspirations. let his express himself freely. On the other hand, your partner considers you to be a seductive female! The High Priestess is the archetype of the woman who guards her secrets and chooses when to reveal herself and to whom. Your partner enjoys this. You are still a mystery to him and he is happy to explore. 

In positions 3 and 4 which indicate negative feelings, there appeared the Knight of Pentacles and the Page of Cups respectively. From the first card I can tell that you would like your partner to be less reserved and more active. He doesn't make decisions easily 
and he may be too fussy in his daily routine. On the other hand, your partner feels that you are a bit over-sensitive, naive or even frivolous sometimes. You may need to re-examine the impression you make on some matters and try to find ways to motivate your partner. 

The cards in positions 5 and 6 indicate that your pursuits are mutual. Nine of Pentacles on your side indicates that you are trying to safeguard material and emotional security. This is what you need in order to flourish in this relationship. Your partner got the Hierophant who stands for traditional values. The combination of these two cards shows that you two can co-operate successully because your pursuits complement each other. Besides, the Sun in the final position indicates that if you keep your morals high, this relationship will be very rewarding for both of you. Forget any mistakes that may have been made and enjoy what this realtionship brings. Be receptive and positive. Starting a family is also favoured.