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The Tarot cards are ideal means of stimulating our imagination owing to their rich symbolism. You can use this spread when you're faced with the infamous "writer's block" or when you just need to draw inspiration for any artistic work! I'm sure the results will come as a pleasant surprise, opening endless worlds of creativity!

In the following sample spread, I have chosen to represent some positions for a novelist or a script writer who's unsure where to start. Thus, the positions are liable to change, according to your creative needs and goals. 

Positions of the Complex Tarot Spread for Inspiration 

Position 1: The narrator (1rst or 3rd person narrative? What is the narrator's relation to the story / basic characters?
Position 2:  Your core issue
Position 3: Your central character externally (Facial features, body type, impression he makes on the world, how his character is expressed in his surroundings)
Position 4Your central character internally (His virtues and vices, his passions, fears, hopes, dreams, weakenesses)

Position 5: Beginning of the story
Position 6: Positive past
Position7:  Negative past

Position  8: The story unfolds
Position 9: The catalyst - The peak of the story - The collision 
Position 10: The dilemma

Position 11: The resolution of the story
Position 12: The future suprise

Positions 13, 14, 15: Other characters

Like I have already mentioned, the positions above are optional. Don't hesitate to name your own positions or to draw an extra card when something seems unclear. Use the Tarot deck wisely and enjoy the inspiration at hand!