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Σύνθετο άνοιγμα με 21 φύλλαComplex tarot spreads can provide detailed information about every aspect of life or any side of an issue, depending on the positions chosen. You should have something specific in mind when choosing a complex opening. The more specific the question, the more precise the advice you'll get. Be receptive and don't expect unequivocal answers.

This is a popular complex Tarot spread. It includes seven positions, ineach of which we place three cards. Typical positions selected are below, but you can always specify a different position, depending on the question you want to ask 

1. Current situation
3. Expectations, hopes, fears
4. How to benefit
5. What to avoid
6. Upcoming developments
7. Outcome

The positions are as follows:

Position 1. Current situation / The Querant

Position 2. The environment. The real situation around the Querant.

Position 3. What I expect, hope, or fear overwhelm

Position 4. How I can benefit. What my strengths are. What I should do.

Position 5. What I should avoid. What my weakness are. What I should look for and what to guard against.

Position 6. As a result of all the above, what are the expected upcoming developments.

Position 7. Overall effect of all the above positions, final outcome.

I would like to point out, once again, that the cards are interpreted as a whole. Don't go straight to the outcome. You need to see what will lead you to a favourable or negative outcome. Show respect to all cards and all positions.

Let me also remind you that the positions can change depending on your question. For example, if you are torn between two choices, you can set position 4 as "my first choice" and position 5 as "my second choice" in order to compare the results.

Sample Reading


My husband and I have been married for six years and we have a 5-year old boy. The relationship between us is not very good due to my husband's work commitments. He works all day and we see him very little.He comes home late at night and has neither appetite nor energy to spend time with me or our son. I feel lonely and disappointed. No matter how many times I tried to speak to him, the result was the same: he accused me of being unsensitive and unappreciative of all his hard work and refused to change his schedule. Recently I met another man who seems to be very interested in me. I'm confused. I know I need to feel loved again, however, I don't want to put my marriage and family at risk. What should I do? How can I persuade my husband compromise? Would I be better off with another man? 

1. Current situation  / 9 of Pentacles -  7 of Cups - The Lovers  
2. Surroundings/ Empress Rx - 5 of Wands - 9 of Cups Rx 
3.  Expectations, hopes, fears  / 3 of Swords - The Moon - High Priestess Rx 
4. What to do  / Queen of Wands - 8 of Pentacles - 7 of Wands 
5. What to avoid / The Hanged Man Rx - 8 of Swords - 4 of Cups
6.  Upcoming developments / The Chariot Rx - Temperence - 6 of Pentacles 


The Nine of Pentacles in the first position shows that you have achieved very important things in life, such as founding family and establishing the security it provides. But no matter how happy this has made you feel, the Seven of Cups shows that you still have unfulfilled desires. The Lovers card also emphasizes choices and dilemmas. You're in a situation of doubt and uncertainty. Your intentions are pure but unfortunately they are enough to get you out of this awkward predicament.

The situation around you seems to be very oppressive, but perhaps not in the way you think. The Empress reversed calls you to ask yourself: do you tend to stifle your loved ones with your care and your attention? Are you perhaps taking up a maternal role towards your husband? This may not be what he needs from you. The second card, the Five of Wands is a sign of competition. It may indicate your strenuous effort to meet the best of everybody's needs or even real competition, disagreements and conflicts within the family. No matter what the situation is, it seems that this constant effort is exhausting and leads to unsettling quarrels, aggression and selfishness. Make sure you set priorities and avoid fighting. Moreover, the Nine of Cups reversed shows that the situation may be superficially good, but there are serious problems of dissatisfaction. If you want to find balance, you need to be honest with yourself and your feelings. If you feel that this card stands for your husband, ask him to have a straightforward word with you and be prepared to be criticized. 

In the position that expresses your emotional reality, Three of Swords shows that you dread the idea of rejection or the idea of causing irreparable harm to those around you. This fills you with anxiety and makes you worry and overreact. Such a condition is also indicated by the Moon card. You are afraid that things are happening beyond your control and this makes you exaggerate. You can't see clearly at this time and you tend to take everything personally. Moreover, the Moon card is an indication that you can't discern the truth or illusion clearly. The High Priestess reversed indicates that you are a bit jealous. You may just be “jealous” off his work -no matter how ridiculous this sounds! - or you may feel worried about a future, possible rival. The combination of these cards show repressed emotions that lead you to illusions about your real situation.

In the following, advising position, the Queen of Wands urges you to quickly retrieve your confidence. You are a wonderful person and other people appreciate and like you more than you think, imagine or realize. Be decisive, confident and take initiative. The Eight of Pentacles advises you to show perseverance and diligence. Don't neglect the small, daily arrangements that need to be made. Furthermore, consider taking up a new professional activity. Rediscover your interests, attend seminars or develop new things that will bring you practical and useful knowledge and skills. Finally, the Seven of Wands urges you to strongly defend your positions against people who seem to fight you. Make your statement and defend yourself. Find the courage to stand up to whoever pushes you over your limits. In general, the cards your urge to show honesty, confidence, initiative and determination. The Queen of Wands favors marriage and not risky love affairs. Discover your real, strong self again so that your husband rediscovers you as well. 

In the position that symbolizes what is best to avoid the first card is the Hanged Man reversed. This means that you absolutely must avoid the trap of considering yourself a victim. Do not play the role of the unfortunate and oppressed woman to your husband, or to the aspiring lover who appeared in your life. Not only will you not win anything, but you may also lose the appreciation of people around you.
Don't try to elicit sympathy nor inspire pity. Also don't just wait passively for your "salvation", as indicated by the Eight of Swords. Nobody will get you out of trouble, it's you that need to take some action. Finally, the Four of Cups prompts you to re-evaluate what you have accomplished. Remember that it's you who sets the priorities in your life, so it's you that must respect them first.

In position of the upcoming events, the Chariot reversed shows that the new person who seems to be interested in you, is not exactly what he looks like. You need to be cautious and keep you self-control. The Temperance card shows that you can do it. The important thing is to exhibit high spirit and prudence. You will soon be able to appreciate the usefulness of moderation. The Six of Pentacles is another indication that it is up to you to achieve the much needed balance in your home. Mental or material generosity will play an important role. Offer love, support, money, advice and time and be there to accept it back.

The final outcome will be positive for your marriage. The Six of Cups representing the past and childhood innocence shows that the good old times you have shared with your husband arm you with patience, affection and joy. Fall back on happy memories to find the courage you need to go through this unhappy period. Also, taking care of your baby boy also seems to be doing you good. Why not discuss with your husband the expansion of your family sometime soon? The Justice card shows that balance will be achieved if you can objectively see the needs of others, not just your own. The Three of Wands is an indication that you may have to work more, or even to wait some time in order to conquer what you want, but the perspectives are positive.

Generally the cards urge you to focus on your marriage but you may need to re-examine your attitudes, expectations and fears. Avoid smothering your husband, seek cooperation and balance, instead. Don't restrict yourself with negative and demanding attitudes.