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Ετήσιο άνοιγμα 12 μηνώνYou can use the tarot cards in order to have an idea of the major influences in your life, during the following months. I personally use only the Major Arcana for such readings and I don't allow reversed cards. You can choose between spreads featuring three, six or twelve months. What you need to remember about these spreads is that the cards are interpreted in chronological order and one presupposes the other. They can't be interpreted seperately. Be receptive and optimistic, no matter what the outcome is. If you carefully intervene in affairs during a "negative" month, the final spread result can be atlered. 

Depending on the month spread you wish to perform, you can arrange the cards in rows: one row of three cards for three months, two rows of three for six months and two rows of six for the whole year. In the following example, I consider the first month to be January, but you can start any time of the year.

Sample Reading
January /
The World

With a qucik glance, we can see that the Querent is not going to face any particular problems during the following months. More analytically, January seems to be a month when co-operation is necessary in all fields. Temperance indicates that the Querant needs to be conciliatory and co-operative. Self-restraint will be an importan virtue throughout January and combinations of all kinds are the element of success. The synthesis will lead the Querant to success. Healing is also indicated in case of emotional trouble or health problems. 

February will be a month of completion and success as indicated by the World. If the Querant managed to apply the virtues of theTemperance (co-operation, unity, moderation), the World promises the completion of a fully successful circle in February. The Querant's efforts are rewared in the most celebrated way and there is a sense of freedom, achievement and hapiness. The Querant can now enjoy the fruit of his labour and share with family and friends. Travel or good news from abroad is also indicated in February. 

After February's triumph, the High Priestess indicates that march will be a month of passivity. The Querant needs to start a new circle but he may feel unsure of his choices. Now is the time of reflection. The High Priestess indicates that any woman with knowledge can help the Quearant identify what he's looking for. Studies of any kind are highly favoured in March. There may also be an important revelation, so the Querant needs to be receptive to messages coming from women.