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The Greek Tarot Manual - 2nd Edition Print E-mail
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The second edition of the Greek Tarot manual is here!

The book contains full interpretations for all 78 cards, spreads analysis and sample spreads. 

It will soon be available in PDF in the english language. 
If you want to preorder, please e-mail me at
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My deepest gratitude to all Greek tarot Supporters!
Sold Out ! Print E-mail
          Read more...Read more...Τhe first book by Greek Tarot is now sold out!

The second edition is on the way -- soon available in pdf in English!

My gratitude to all Greek Tarot Supporters!

Greek Tarot Facebook Contest Print E-mail
Greek Tarot Facebook Give Away Completed 

The give-away of three books by GreekTarot was completed on the 12th Aug. 2013
Thank you everybody for participating!

More contests and give-aways are coming!

Preparation and procedure for a Tarot reading Print E-mail
One of the most important steps in the procedure of reading the Tarot is the preparation you need to make before you sit down to read the cards. Unfortunately this step is neglected by many aspiring readers but it should never be ommited or overlooked.  

Practically speaking, you may wonder about the space or room or table or colour of cloth you need to use. There are many styles of decoration for your space: you can choose something simple or more dramatic, it's a matter of taste. You may gather some personal objects that are filled with your energy, like crystals, jewels etc. Some flowers, candles or burning incense are also a good idea. As for the cloth, you may want to go classic with this and choose a piece of light blue or purple silk to lay your cards on. All of these are personal choices and absolutely optional. What you basically really need is an empty surface and silence. 

What is really important and necessary is your mental preparation for reading the cards. Sit down calmly and relax. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths. Try to get rid of all thoughts and troubles. It is very important to remember that when you're too anxious or worried or sad, you can't read the cards right. The Tarot cards will function as a mirror and only show you the worst of your fears. Try to lift your spirit off all problems for a while. Disconnect the telephone and turn of the television. Try to empty your mind.

Choosing a significator Print E-mail
Choosing a significator is a central issue in Tarot reading, even though it's not always necessary to have one. Some spreads (or readers) require a significator, whereas some others don't. When you lay out a Celtic Cross for example, you may feel you want to place the significator card in position 1 so as to personalize or intensify the reading, but this is optional. Other spreads, like the Two-Significators spread, require the use of significator cards. I personally rarely use significators, unless I absolutely have to. I prefer to let the Tarot show me how a person feels or acts rather than predecide for myself, but this is a matter of personal choice. 

Reversed Cards Print E-mail
There has been a long debate on whether reversed cards should be used  in a Tarot reading or not and whether they really add to the readings. I personally use them but if you, like so many other people, feel uncomfortable with the reversals, feel free to ignore this practice. Still, if you decide to use reversed cards, here are three methods you can use to interpret them. 
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The first book by Greek Tarot

         Βιβλίο Ταρό
The first book by Greek Tarot will soon be available in a pdf in English


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